Where It All Began

The decision to start Dashing Dan Puzzles seems like destiny: Years of puzzling for fun combined with a graphic design career joined by opportune timing and literal puzzle pieces that appeared in the most random places – have all come together to launch this new and exciting endeavor, and to share our love of puzzles with you.

Our mascot, Dashing Dan the Puzzle Man, dives into New England coastal history, starting with Plymouth, MA – aka America’s hometown! Focusing on themes of land and sea, present and past, factual and fun, each puzzle design is unique. The images you’ll puzzle together are all original, collaborative creations by talented New England-based illustrators, painters, designers, and photographers. Content is carefully researched for accuracy. And we think you’ll appreciate the story about each puzzle concept that comes on the box – trivia you can pull out at parties (you can thank us later!)

You may be thinking, “I love puzzling… I love history… I love land, and sea!… When can I get one of these puzzles?”

Well, good news: We are off to print, and our first series of three challenging, colorful, environmentally-friendly-manufactured puzzles will be available in March! You can purchase them in local Plymouth gift and book stores, museum gift shops, and on this site.

In the meantime, keep in touch with Dashing Dan Puzzles on Facebook and Instagram. And meet us back here for more blog posts featuring everything from new puzzle designs to artist profiles to crazy puzzle stories from around the world.

Thanks for stopping by - puzzle on!