Keep calm and puzzle on!

As scientists puzzle over a vaccine for COVID-19 and the world puzzles over social distancing, jigsaw puzzles, tried and true, offer distraction, entertainment, and satisfaction.

For many of us, days used to be structured around work and school, errands, meet-ups with friends, and sporting or music or other adventures. But now? Now we’re staying in place, working from home, ordering essentials online for delivery or curbside pickup, and preparing meals… so many meals!

And entertainment? There’s only so much tv a person can watch, and electronic devices are cold and hard – but puzzles! Puzzles invite you to unplug, to create amazing art, to immerse yourself in good conversation, and to shape a new perception.

Staying at home is challenging, but with it comes opportunity – the chance to re-discover quiet concentration, family connection, and the immense joy of completing a new puzzle.

So practice peace, piece by piece. Keep calm and puzzle on!