Hello 2021!

OH, BUOY – Dashing Dan Puzzles turns 3 this month! The years have passed quickly even as time took on a new dimension in 2020. As a community, we've learned to pull together on challenges big and small, pay attention to the details, look for connections, and accomplish tasks one piece at a time. We've also become experts in at-home entertainment and family. In the process, we've re-discovered the tried-and-true jigsaw puzzle – it's a party in a box!

So to celebrate, we're introducing new puzzle designs...

LOBSTAH honors the humble lobster, which has evolved from 'fishy' food to authentic New England delicacy. Fine artist Donna Maclure brings the unassuming crustacean to life in her distinctive collage technique creating a vivid red lobster from the remnant of newspapers and magazines. Order up!

OH, BUOY! celebrates this brightly painted, cylinder-shaped, token of fishing history. Did you know that buoys have colorways so unique that lobstermen maintain their patterns for generations? Real-life buoys are interpreted here in the ink-blocking stencil technique of serigraphy.

And back by popular demand… PILGRIM MAP is in stock and ready to go! Find your way to one now!

Piece by piece, the world is putting itself together again and a fresh picture is emerging. As Dashing Dan Puzzles moves into our next year, we are humbled and grateful to be part of your journey. Thank you for your enthusiasm and passion.

Puzzles are awesome and so are you. Puzzle on!