Anniversary Shell-ebration!

Happy second anniversary to us and to you, our enthusiastic puzzle makers and friends! We are thrilled you are on this adventure with us. 

Did you know that cotton is the traditional gift for a second anniversary? It is “the fabric of our lives,” representing comfort, strength, and durability. It has been with us since at least 3000 BC, when it was grown, spun, and woven into clothes.

Now cotton is part of our newest venture at Dashing Dan Puzzles: screen printed artwork that is part of the ‘Mayflower 400’ print series. The SHELLS puzzle has inspired individual screen prints of the scallop shell. A limited edition of numbered, signed prints in each of two colorways are available now at Inky Hands Print Studio in Plymouth, MA.

The printmaking paper stock we use is 100% cotton, soft and supple, and the perfect foundation to bring our colorful scallops to life. Watch for more as our series expands to include oyster shells, sand dollars, and more.

Now that’s something we can cotton to. Puzzle on!