1,000,000 Pieces!

Dashing Dan Puzzles began with a single puzzle piece and the question, what could this inspire? Since our launch just seven months ago, it has inspired 1,000,000 pieces of puzzle fun and so much more! We design puzzles that tell a story. New England coastal history and nautical tales told through original paintings and illustrations by local artists, plus short, well-researched narratives on each box,

Puzzles are fun for the whole family! They challenge your imagination and exercise your brain. They inspire conversation and determination in equal measure. And they teach — not just history, but spatial perception, memory elasticity, and fine motor skill. They’re a good time for a group, or meditative when you want to relax.

Dashing Dan Puzzles features the Mayflower Passengers as well as the Wampanoag Nation, Bug Light and Lobsters, and even the US Life Saving Service!

Take a peek at what inspires us… and then get in on the act! Choose your piece count - 500 or 1000 - and get puzzling!

See video here!